DUOTONE NEO 2023 kitesurf sail

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For years the Duotone Neo has been the wave kite against which all others are measured; the unique combination of power, control and drifting characteristics have made it the wave kite everyone wants to ride. As strapless freestyle has evolved as a discipline, kiting has also developed. There are soft, medium and hard tuning options, allowing you to set up the kite for the conditions of the day and your personal preferences. In hard mode, the kite offers a powerful loop that is easy to control, while soft mode improves turning speed and drifting capabilities. The legendary centerboard has made the kite an incredible success on the waves; this, combined with unrivaled steering response, allows the kite to perform in both offshore and onshore conditions. Designer Ken Winner spent years developing these features within the kite, always striving for perfection. The weight of the kite has been optimized to increase performance and the kite reacts instantly to input from the bar. The result is a kite that feels like an extension of your body on the wave. The wind range is huge with lots of low-end power, allowing you to drive a smaller kite, while at the high-end, the kite still offers a lot of control. If you want to dominate the waves with total safety and rules of the skies, the Neo is the kite for you; tune it to your driving style, start the launch sequence and go straight to the top step of any podium! Pair with Duotone Trust Bars or Click Bars .

Cut: 12

Color: GREEN